Case Teaching Online Resources


Case Teaching Online

The resources on this page are designed to help you use the power of the case method online.

You will find a 30-page master guide on case teaching online and several tip sheets which are included in the guide and available as standalone PDFs.


  • Case Teaching Online Master Guide
    This 30-page guide provides practical tools and resources for case teaching online. It includes guidance on synchronous and asynchronous case teaching as well as on ways to invigorate your online course with audiovisual case materials. View PDF
  • Tip Sheet: Managing an Online Case Discussion
    This four-page tip sheet includes guidance on managing your online case discussion, including using "warm calls" and establishing rules, etc.View PDF
  • Tip Sheet: Making the Most of Breakout Rooms
    This four-page tip sheet includes practical guidance on getting the most out of breakout rooms during online case teaching, such as leveraging shared slides, etc.View PDF
  • Tip Sheet: How to Use Polling
    This one-page tip sheet outlines simple ways to incorporate polling in your online case-based session.View PDF
  • Tip Sheet: Adapting to Asynchronous Case Teaching
    This four-page tip sheet includes guidance on how to figure out which pieces of your case teaching to shift to asynchronous instruction, and much more.View PDF
  • Editable Template: Case Analysis Companion
    For preliminary asynchronous analysis of the case. The Case Analysis Companion can be assigned along with other synchronous and asynchronous learning activities.View PDF
  • Tip Sheet: Incorporating Audiovisual Case Materials Online
    This four-page tip sheet includes suggestions on invigorating your online case teaching lineup with audiovisual materials.View PDF
  • Online-Friendly Teaching Plans
    See our growing list of cases with online-friendly teaching plans.See List
  • Multimedia Cases
    Take a look at our full list of multimedia cases.See Multimedia Cases