Articles and Research

Included here are articles and research on case method and teaching with cases. 


  • Making the Case: Professional education for the world of practice by David A. Garvin (Harvard Magazine)
    All professional schools face the same difficult challenge: how to prepare students for the world of practice. Time in the classroom must somehow translate directly into real-world activity: how to diagnose, decide, and act. A surprisingly wide range of professional schools, including Harvard's law, business, and medical schools, have concluded that the best way to teach these skills is by the case method...Continue
  • Because Wisdom Can't Be Told: Using Case Studies to Teach Science (AAC&U)
    Who doesn't like a good story? Teachers and parsons have used them to perk up their students and parishioners from time immemorial. Stories capture our attention, entertain us, stir our emotions, and expand our visions. Preachers use them for moral persuasion, comedians to tickle our funny bone, and teachers as exemplars of good practice...Continue