Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative

Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative’s teaching cases and associated materials are available free of charge to educators through the Harvard Kennedy School Case Program. These cases, educator guides, and practitioner guides were developed to translate the most relevant and up‐to‐date knowledge about leadership, management, governance, and innovation in cities into active tools for teaching and learning. They are designed to help mayors and city leaders address issues that require innovative thinking and approaches and are part of a repository of teaching tools and online learning materials dedicated to improving professional practice.

Teaching tools include teaching cases centered around urban problem-solving, analytic teaching notes, concept frameworks on leadership capabilities, and graphics to illustrate teaching concepts.

To learn more about this groundbreaking mayoral leadership program, please visit the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership website.

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Links to the cases will be made available as each case is published.

Case Materials

The “Bilbao Effect” The Collaborative Architecture that Powered Bilbao’s Urban Revival
Case and Educator Guide; Practitioner Guide

The “Garbage Lady” Cleans up Kampala: Turning Quick Wins into Lasting Change
Case and Educator Guide; Epilogue; Practitioner Guide

Making a Statement: Mayor Libby Schaaf and the Sanctuary City of Oakland, CA
Case and Educator GuideEpiloguePractitioner Guide

"Pressing the Right Buttons": Jennifer Musisi for New City Leadership
Case and Educator Guide; Epilogue; Practitioner Guide

Shanties in the Skyline: Addressing Unauthorized Building Works in Hong Kong
Case and Educator GuideEpiloguePractitioner Guide

"You Have One Hundred Days": Accelerating Government Performance in the UAE
Case and Educator GuidePractitioner Guide

Reckoning with History: Confederate Monuments in American Cities