Educator Access

What is Educator Access?
Instructors at degree-granting institutions, nonprofits, and government institutions are eligible for Educator Access. As a registered Educator, you will have access to full-text review copies of cases and teaching plans. 

How do I register for Educator Access?
You may register for Educator Access here. Within 2 business days, you will receive notification of your application.

My Educator Access has been approved.  How do I access review copies of cases and teaching plans?
To start reviewing full-text copies of cases and teaching plans, just login to our website with the username and password you created at set up. Then, simply click “download PDF” on individual case pages to access review copies. Note: this functionality is not supported by Internet Explorer. Please try a different browser if you are having difficulty accessing review copies. 

Watch this instructional video on accessing review copies:

How do I get access to Teaching Plans?
Teaching plans are only available to teaching faculty members at degree-granting institutions. You must be a registered Educator to access teaching plans.  

Copyright & Permission to Reprint

Digital Re-Use of Content
All HKS cases are protected by U.S. copyright law, and one soft copy must be purchased for each time that the file will be downloaded, forwarded, or photocopied. If you would like multiple copies of one of our materials, you must purchase the same number of soft copy permissions as the number of copies you need.

How do I order multiple electronic copies for my students?
Purchased cases are for individual use only and are not for distribution. Purchasing a case on our website entitles you to one downloaded copy of that product. Educators and others who are purchasing products for multiple students or participants must purchase one product for each student/participant who will need access to the document. For example, if you will need 10 copies of a case for a class, you must put “10” in the quantity field of that case and pay for 10 copies. There are two options for purchasing:

  1. Your institution can pay for copies on behalf of each student by entering the number of students in the quantity field as outlined above. You will then get an email with the PDF that you can post to a secure course webpage and/or print copies for your class.
  2. Your students can purchase direct from the website.

Watch this instructional video on buying cases for your students:

Do students receive a discount?
Our collection is already discounted for students. See pricing below. 

What are the requirements for posting HKS cases online?

  • You have purchased the number of case permissions (i.e. the number of students who will need access to the case). 
  • Your e-learning platform requires a login for students to access the case study document securely. The case study document is only posted to a secure e-learning platform for a defined period of time and is removed once the course/program has concluded or sooner if no longer needed.

Do you sell hard copies?
We do not sell hard copies of cases. 

How much do cases cost?
A and B cases: $3.95
Epilogues and Sequels: $2.45
Multimedia Cases: $8.00
Teaching Plans: Free with Educator Access

I received a message with my order that states "Manual Verification Required". What should I do?
If you placed an order and received a notice that “Manual Verification is Required” this can often be resolved by reordering the case(s) and ensuring that the address entered on the Case Program website matches the billing address with your financial institution. If your order is successfully processed, please contact us at HKSCaseProgram@hks.harvard.edu so that we may cancel the initial order.  If you choose to wait for verification, we will approve your transaction within 24 hours on business days.

Searching the Collection

I need help finding a specific case.  Who do I contact? 
We are sorry you're having trouble finding a specific case. Please contact us directly at HKSCaseProgram@hks.harvard.edu

What is the difference between an "A" case, "B" case, and  an "Epilogue/Sequel"?
An “A” case is the first case in a case sequence. It may be taught on its own or as the first in a series of two or more related cases. A “B” case continues the story begun in the “A” case, and provides the basis for a second class discussion on the additional information introduced in the "B" case. A “Sequel” (sometimes called an “Epilogue”) either tells what happened in an action-forcing case that ends mid-story or provides an update on information in a case. These are relatively short, and are not intended to provide the basis for a class discussion, but instead, to be handed out as a take-away at the end of the case class.


Do faculty have free access to simulations?
Yes, approved faculty with Educator Access can download simulations at no cost via the educator copy. See instructional video on accessing review copies.

How do I purchase seats for my students?
Educators who are purchasing seats for multiple students must purchase one seat for each participant who will need access to the simulation. For example, if you have 10 students in your class, you must put “10” in the quantity field of that simulation and pay for 10 copies. See instructional video on buying cases for your students

Classic Case Collection

What is the Classic Case Collection?
As part of our mission to build the next generation of public and non-profit leaders, we are pleased to offer cases from our Classic Collection free of charge. Access this portion of the collection by adding cases to your cart as you normally would. You can then check out without providing payment information. Classic Cases are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Can I use a Classic Case in my course?
Classic Cases are available at no charge for educational use only. You can provide this teaching case to students via the following:

  • Make copies for students in your course via your campus copy center or course materials office. 
  • Post the case PDF to a secure (login required) e-learning platform/course page system to which only students enrolled in your course have access. The case study document should only be posted for a defined period of time and should be removed once the course/program has concluded.

How can I obtain the teaching plan for a Classic Case?
Teaching plans are only available to teaching faculty members at degree-granting institutions. You must be a registered Educator to access teaching plans.

To request a classic case in a more accessible format, please reach out to HKSCaseProgram@hks.harvard.edu

Access for Harvard Kennedy School

I am an HKS faculty member, how can I obtain a review copy of a case or teaching plan?
Faculty can access cases for free by registering for Educator Access

I am an HKS faculty assistant, how can I obtain a review copy of a case or teaching plan that my faculty member has requested?
Please register your faculty member for Educator Access. Once the account is activated, you'll be able to download review copies for free. 

I am an HKS faculty assistant, how do I obtain a copy of a case that my faculty member wishes to assign in his/her class?
Please contact the Harvard Kennedy School Online Course Materials Office (OCM) (HKS login required) to secure HKS cases at no cost for HKS students: 
E-mail: ocm@hks.harvard.edu 
Phone: 617-495-1372 
Location: Littauer G-6

I am an HKS student.  How do I find HKS cases for my research?
Students currently registered in an HKS class can request cases at no cost. To order cases, search the website and note the titles and dates of the cases you'd like. Send the list of requested cases to library_research@hks.harvard.edu.

Contact Us

Please contact us via email at HKSCaseProgram@hks.harvard.edu if you need further assistance.