Teaching Case - Priya Iman

Priya Iman


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  • Product Description

    Priya, a graduate student of public policy, was offered internships from two units within the International Development Fund. One offered a good salary, took advantage of her past work experience but was longer than she wanted; the other, offered no pay but would give her the work experience she wanted and was the perfect length. The case details the offers and asks students to consider whether Priya has room to negotiate aspects of either offer. 

    Learning Objective:
    This case is designed to facilitate a live class discussion—either online (synchronous) or in person—about how to prepare strategically for career-related negotiations. Students analyze a potential negotiation opportunity and learn how to make a proposal that works for both parties. When combined with the Strategic Preparation Workbook, students can immediately apply the negotiating framework concepts to their own negotiations. The case is designed to support negotiations of professionals in their early or mid-careers. Correspondingly, there are two options for background readings, “Self-Advocating in Early Career," or a Harvard Business Review article, “Negotiating Your Next Job,” which follow the same basic framework with adapted negotiation examples.

  • Other Details

    Publication Date: March 8, 2021
    Teaching Plan: Available with Educator Access
    HKS Case Number: 2205.0
    Case Authors: Joan Moon
    Faculty Lead: Hannah Riley Bowles
    Pages (incl. exhibits): 1
    Setting: United States
    Language: English
    _year: 2020-2021
    _pages: 1-15
    _geography: US & Canada
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