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Evelyn Diop

Publication Date: May 30, 2023
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Evelyn is a seasoned nonprofit fundraising professional with roots in the corporate world, who thrives when faced with a strategic challenge. While she had been successfully leading change as a chief development officer (CDO) at a major Global NGO, Evelyn is approached by a search firm for a similar position at another global organization. Evelyn is intrigued by the opportunity and embarks in the recruitment process. As she contemplates and navigates the job negotiation process, Evelyn considers her strategic goals, identifies red flags, and thinks about how to best present herself and her vision. From Part A to E, the case highlights decisions points in Evelyn’s negotiation process, providing the opportunity to discuss the importance of strategic preparation for shaping leadership opportunities.

Learning Objective:
This teaching case provides instructors an opportunity to explore the role of negotiation in career advancement, including seizing and shaping new leadership opportunities. The case is motivated by research on women’s career negotiations that expands the conversation beyond asking for higher pay to include integrative problem solving in relation to one’s work roles and strategic goals.

This case is designed to facilitate a live class discussion—either online (synchronous) or in person—about how to prepare strategically and conduct career-related negotiations. Students analyze a potential negotiation opportunity and learn how to make a proposal that works for both parties. When combined with the Briefing Sheet: 'Be SURE' You Are Prepared to Negotiate WELL and the Negotiate WELL (Work, Education, Life, & Leadership): A Strategic Preparation Workbook, students can immediately apply the negotiating framework concepts to their own negotiations. The case is designed to support negotiations for midcareers and executive-level professionals. Correspondingly, there is an optional background reading, which is "Negotiating Your Next Job: Focus on Your Role, Responsibilities, and Career Trajectory, Not Your Salary.”





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Hannah Riley Bowles and Ons Ben Abdelkarim
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Hannah Riley Bowles
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