The case method can be a powerful tool to teach economic concepts and frameworks. Topics in this section cover a wide range of real-life examples from around the world on a host of issues including infrastructure, trade, taxation, regulation and development.

  • Teaching Case - The Melbourne City Link

    The Melbourne City Link


    Publication Date: June 01, 1999

    The Melbourne City Link, a $2 billion privately-funded highway project, was one of the first fully electronic toll roads in the world. While the government of the State of Victoria specified this innovative tolling system in the tender for the...

  • Teaching Case - The Tribasa Toll Road Trust

    The Tribasa Toll Road Trust


    Publication Date: December 01, 1998

    This case demonstrates how the international capital markets were used to obtain financing for the expansion of limited access highways in Mexico. Structured as a Rule 144A transaction, the offering securitized the future Mexican...

  • Teaching Case - Cleaning up the "Big Dirties": The Problem of Acid Rain

    Cleaning up the "Big Dirties": The Problem of Acid Rain


    Publication Date: November 01, 1998

    Shortly after his 1989 inauguration, President George Bush confronts a seemingly intractable dispute which had simmered through the 1980s: how to legislate the clean-up of the so-called "big dirties", large coal-burning Midwest power plants...

  • Teaching Case - Treasury and the Mexican Shock

    Treasury and the Mexican Shock


    Publication Date: September 01, 1998

    The devaluation of the Mexican peso in December, 1994 roiled the world's financial markets. The possibility that the Mexican government might not be able to pay its obligations to bondholders--including international investors--threatened...

  • Teaching Case - To Budapest and Beyond (Epilogue)

    To Budapest and Beyond (Epilogue)


    Publication Date: September 01, 1998

    When Ukraine becomes independent following the collapse and dissolution of the Soviet Union, the nation which is suddenly Europe's third most populous finds itself almost immediately caught up in high-stakes international diplomacy and...

  • Teaching Case - SAGASCO Holdings Limited

    SAGASCO Holdings Limited


    Publication Date: August 01, 1998

    In the summer of 1993, Australia's Trade Practices Commission was considering whether or not to permanently enjoin Santos Limited from acquiring SAGASCO Holdings Limited. This merger was potentially of enormous significance, since Santos was the...

  • Teaching Case - The US-USSR Grain Agreement

    The US-USSR Grain Agreement


    Publication Date: August 01, 1998

    In July, 1975, top White House economic officials in the Ford Administration receive information that the Soviet Union, in the face of a disappointing grain harvest, might seek to purchase large amounts of wheat and corn from US suppliers. This...